Indiano Beers launched their first beer

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, thousands of men, the Indianos, left their homes behind and embarked on an adventure of life, crossing the ocean in search of a future. Some found fortune, others life lessons, but all discovered new landscapes, people, smells, flavors…

Centuries later, the flavors make the way back and from the knowledge acquired in America, the Indiano beer discovers us textures, flavors, sensations that allow our palate to cross new frontiers.

The eagerness of discovery, effort and overcoming of the indianos is the one that we transmit to our beers, looking for the correct ingredients, investigating in processes that improve the results and discovering new nuances, that take to whoever tries them to a trip towards new worlds in the pleasure of enjoying a beer.

The philosophy of Indiano Beer tells the story of our master brewer and his journey in search of a new way of life linked to the production of beer in an artisanal way. Although in this case, the greatest fortune lies in finding the perfect formula for your first beer.

Experimentation and the search for new horizons, added to the professional baggage and why not, to intuition, have borne fruit. Indiano Beer sees the light with its first artisan beer DDH IPA (Double Dry Hopped Indian Pale Ale) which we have called TURBIA.

A unique artisan beer, full of aromas and flavors that will transport you to exotic and tropical places.

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